Jeremy Paxman

Off the top of my head mine would include “I know my rights,” village cricket and Elgar, do-it-yourself, punk, street fashion, irony, vigorous politics, brass bands, Shakespeare, Cumberland sausages, double-decker buses, Vaughan Williams, Donne and Dickens, twitching net curtains, breast-obsession, quizzes and crosswords, country churches, dry-stone walls, gardening, Christopher Wren and Monty Python, easy-going Church of England vicars, the Beatles, bad hotels and good beer, church bells, Constable and Piper, finding foreigners funny, David Hare and William Cobbett, drinking to excess, Women’s Institutes, fish and chips, curry, Christmas Eve at King’s College, Cambridge, indifference to food, civility and crude language, fell-running, ugly caravan sites on beautiful cliff-tops, crumpets, Bentleys and Reliant Robins, and so on.

The English: A Portrait of a People, 2007