The original Domesday Book of 1086 was an attempt to measure England’s economic state and its physical resources following the Norman Conquest.

This “Domesday Book” is an attempt to measure states of mind, how England thinks of itself (self-understanding) and how others think of England (”as others see us”).

Contributions to this project do not require literary brilliance- though we hope some contributions will be brilliant. What we are looking for is considered reflection. By that we mean not just a comment but a thoughtful combination of the personal, the political and the cultural.

That is why we want contributions of between 300 and 800 words. This length has been chosen to provoke reflection but also to concentrate the mind. Limits not only provide a mental discipline but also can be imaginatively liberating.

Think of 300 words as a 3 minute, and 800 words as a 5 minute, public broadcast.


  • E-mail submissions to gareth [at]
  • Essays should have the author’s name as the title
  • Attach a very brief biography at the end of the submission. If contributors wish to refer readers to other thoughts they may have they can also provide the appropriate weblink here.
  • Contributors may choose whether to allow comments on their essay