Adrian Thurston

It would be very easy to describe England as a luxurious green and pleasant land with breathtaking countryside and beautifully quaint buildings set in an almost fairytale environment of warmth and cosiness, but that would be to over-simplify how we came to live in that way and who we really are. So first, it must be said what and who we are not.

We are not “Celts” who used to live in round houses with no tables or chairs or spoons or forks. We don’t originate from Britain, but from the adjacent lands, mainly from Northern Europe where our houses are long and rectangular! We don’t promote ourselves as a multi-racial or multi-cultural society because we are not. We are by nature liberal and expect the same of those who choose to come and live with us. We do not believe in equal opportunities unless it has been hard earned. We had to earn it ourselves so why not others? We do not subscribe to sexual superiority, nor do we encourage sexual inferiority either. The different sexes are just as they are without weak men and women trying to make us all into something that we are not. We do not believe in positive or other forms discrimination unless it must be made an issue of, because of culture. The English culture transcends race, creed and religion. These ugly three are just the packaging. What’s inside is hidden from the eye and it could be good or it could be bad for us.

English children are our future and they must be taught to follow our traditions (above & below) or we are finished as a people. Children are just as they are described on the tin before you get them out. They are mostly just plain-brains and full of foolish uncoordinated helplessness right up to the age of consent, and often well beyond that. They are not more important than adults. Children have a lot to learn about being adults. Children’s subconscious knowledge may be fresh in their tiny little minds, all excited from their perfect pre-birth world experience, but perfection is what we adults are aiming at and striving for in the real world, the living world, the wholly conscious world of knowledge. This is almost a different universe to the universe of the child! We have all been children and we are fully aware of how to retort from the gut if necessary. Respect for adults is therefore the order of the day here, because children must do as they are instructed to do or they would be obeying something or someone else – certainly not us – and so in need of a harsher lesson than just simple instruction from a kindly parent at their wits end. Our future depends upon rearing healthy good natured English children.

Clearly it can be seen that England means more of a social order to me than a terrestrial or historical visual effect – a social order that is being broken down by both foreign oriented foolishness and Celtic misguidance. England is not a breeding ground for foreign culture, social misfits or sexual deviants and other kinds of perverts as currently seems to be the order promoted by the current administration. Instead, England is an Ideal Land where perfection and idealism may be taught peacefully to our children, their children and their children’s children without party political, state or foreign interference. By suppressing our English national culture, we may lose the weaker elements of our nationality which would undoubtedly betray us to our faces before too long, so its important to realise that being English is more about being strong inside, about bearing the loss of dear ones who may happily betray everything sacred and good and see nothing wrong in doing that. Preventing the upper lip from quavering through grit.

Being English means a way of doing something, an attitude, a disposition, a way of living, an aspiration which though essentially peaceful, when provoked has the capability of great anger. To the English, law is not an ever changing tool for the rich, but a standard that poor folk can use to accuse rich people of corruption with when necessary. That is why rich English people in England tend to seek to help the poor when fortune smiles upon them. Non-English do not usually do this (in England) because they do not share our ethos. England is not land, banks and buildings, but a people. A people who know right from wrong and are more than willing to ensure that the right and the good prevail no matter how strong the wrong and the bad becomes, and no matter how much evil it threatens us as a punishment for those refusing to become evil and servants of the devil.

Being English is the reason that I live because my ancestors made this country for me and my offspring, the greatest country on Earth, the greatest country the world has ever seen, the most inventive and creative and populated by people with the biggest hearts, the strongest minds and the widest vision. Colonialism is just another way of saying forced acculturation of the ignorant, but those who have benefitted from our civilising presence, are the billions of people down the ages who wisely understand this and give silent thanks to the greatness and the fearlessness of our ancestors who lie mocked and abused in rotting unkempt cemeteries around our tortured country.

There is no country but England for the virtuous – so let the peoples of the world seek us out and learn of our eternal culture from the greatness of our glorious past – wherever we may be.

Adrian Thurston is a writer, director and actor. He lives in Brighton.